Trevor Fitzgerald

Major League Fishing Pro Angler

Fishing is, and always has been, life for Trevor Fitzgerald and his multiple generations of family in Florida. Trevor’s parents took him fishing at a very early age and he was immediately hooked. He began fishing in tournaments in high school and steadily worked his way up to the professional level from there. When he’s not fishing in the Major League Fishing (MLF) Pro Circuit, Trevor spends time on his fishing rod business or casually fishes with his two daughters, Isabella and Claudia, and his wife, Sonia, who also all love to fish.

Nearly a decade into his professional fishing career, Trevor decided that he could no longer allow his fishing to be held back by unreliable and short-lived lead-acid batteries. After receiving several referrals from fellow professional fishermen, including Patrick Walters, Trevor chose to swap out his dead lead-acid batteries for more reliable and longer-lasting RELiON lithium batteries. He’s now on his second season using his new lithium battery bank and hasn’t looked back since.

Trevor’s power system includes:

Trevor’s bass boat is powered by four reliable and long-lasting RELiON lithium batteries, including one RB100-HP battery and three RB100 batteries. The RB100 batteries power his trolling motor, and the RB100-HP battery serves as his cranking battery as well as powers two power poles, three Humminbird Helix 12 depth finders, one Garmin depth finder, LED lighting, and accessories throughout the boat.

Why Trevor switched to lithium:

“I had way too many headaches with the lead-acid batteries I previously used and continually had to replace. They would regularly die partway through the day and then would take an extremely long time to recharge. After I learned about longer-lasting and more reliable lithium battery options that won’t disrupt my tournaments, it was a no-brainer to make the switch. I should have made the switch many years ago, as I’m quite glad I have the lithium batteries now.”

Why Trevor chose RELiON:

“I had told Patrick Walters, a fellow professional bass fisherman, about my issues with lead-acid batteries. He ultimately convinced me to choose RELiON after he successfully made the same transition from lead-acid batteries to RELiON lithium batteries. I knew that if these batteries had exceeded his expectations, they would be an excellent choice for me too. I’m now on my second season using RELiON batteries and continue to be impressed with how many days they can be heavily used without needing to be recharged.”

How has Trevor’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“I can now spend more hours on the water as well as focus exclusively on improving my fishing rather than worrying about being stranded due to the batteries dying. I can also now run more depth finders, which has helped with discovering more fish in more varied locations.”

Trevor’s advice to someone considering switching to lithium batteries:

“A lot of people are concerned about lithium batteries causing fires, but I have had absolutely no issues. My RELiON lithium batteries have been a game-changer, as they recharge extremely fast and provide consistent, reliable power throughout the day, which is especially crucial during tournaments.”

What Trevor loves most about fishing: “Being outside. I’ve always loved being in nature, as it’s such a great escape from everyday life. The competitive element of fishing has always kept me interested as well. The combination of constantly being challenged while maximizing my time outdoors really can’t be beaten.”

Trevor Gitzgerald Fishing RELiON Battery Ambassador